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tv   Conflict Zone  Deutsche Welle  March 26, 2020 9:30am-10:01am CET

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and culture between here and there challenging for everything. from the simplest of think it was worth it for me to come to germany. i got my license to work as a swimming instructor. now our 2 children lucky dogs just rushed to stitch. that's your story take part cherish on info migrants dot. something that is not working some people decide not to see it why not have the power transfer all the time countries in chaos are you talking about baghdad all paris why don't you put the other side. france's president emanuel macrolides to be seen as one of the driving forces for reform with you but his efforts to change his own country around it's a serious trouble i guess this week here in brussels says former europe minister
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natalie was one of his most vocal cheerleaders in the european parliament is the macro revolution advancing or has it run out of steam. not only was all welcome to come to its own. nobody has talked more about reforming the e.u. than emanuel merkel why should anyone listen when he's making such heavy weather of reforms in his own country while 1st he's been forming forms for more than 2 years with all. the countries in chaos the country is not in k. off there is no strike anymore and railways or public transportation and there will be the most ambitious pension systems for full decades. wish which will pass in the
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parliament in the next few weeks people have died in them stray sions paris has wreaked of tear gas for weeks on end you've had gigantic disruptions in transport so the worst transport disruption since the 1960 s. are you talking about baghdad office or is this another talk about paris you don't seem to come often to paris are i do i have my family in paris yes there with our from protests that are fresh tradition birds are 0 to 700 people injured across the country 17 and a number of policeman injured among them and some casualties were due to this yellow tackett protest movement are you see it throughout the word right now middle class is wondering whether globalization is good or bad for it for them and they need to get on and the government from the government they've got 70000000000 euros program that he catered at increasing wages and increasing public
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services and they found out that the president has an increasingly authoritarian streak doesn't last year's report by the national ombudsman spoke of an unprecedented number of preventive arrests so the long with the decline of public service is a policy of strength and security and repression and taken root there is a path work is ations from the official watchdog charged with defending the rights of french citizens and i strongly deny it we are in a democracy think it makes it on our top one you think you mix it up i think well he's free to say it and i would like to ask a lot of the nearest shelter is where people are that free to go to protest or to deny it what's happening and the government isn't much good if you just dismiss it when he says it are this is my line is this on this is really yes i took a lot of public services the undermining of funding mental rowers i'm not in the government i'm an elected member i have. 23 elected members of my party here in the
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european parliament i have as much freedom of expression as any french citizen we are in a democracy where in a country where we have rule of flow every problem has been or is being investigated with independent judiciary i would love to see it as open as balanced and with such a rule of law in other places in the european union i think you should focus on what's happening in poland on what's happening in hungary rather we talked to poles and hungary and what we're talking to you about france and you're still a member of the president's party whole mancienne are still one of his most vocal cheerleaders so that's why i'm putting these points to you especially when both the un and the council of europe weighed in against what they saw as disproportionate force against demonstrators on the streets of fronts there was this proportion of the violence in my country and there were casualties caused by. blockades by
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yellow vests can should we forget about that should we forget about the number of trades off a city which closed because of this unrest i will never because i was elected by my fellow citizens united knowledge was addressing the points the many people have raised the paris think tank for instance generous your leap so last year the clampdown on civil liberties was part of a consistent pattern since mr merkel took office and i deny it because there are freedoms they are respected they are protected for instance freedom to go on strike that's fine that's even constitutional in my countering but free freedom not to go on strike should be protected as well and freedom of movement should be protected as well you want to see. the police increased as they were not so between the 17 new deterrent or substantially increased police in february 28th in the immigration or reduce. the rights of migrants and asylum seekers in october the idea the
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supreme court refused to halt the creation of a biometric database containing detailed information of all french citizens as surveillance and these are measures that are causing concern one prominent lawyer and longtime supporter actually i'm assuming across france or soon will put it bluntly said fundamental rights are under attack while our i know mr who question well i know the n.g.o.s he is dealing with on refugees because i'm dealing myself on a private basis and the rights of refugees are but please are fighting against terrorism the 1st freedom of my fellow citizens is security and my country was struck again and again by terrorist attacks should we are 3 as we were before and say we are doing nothing this is not a nobody asked you to do nothing this is that i say not do i want to undermine fundamental rights and liberties that's now not in
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a fight you can always go to court and you always have your rights protected i know what my fellow citizens want they want security more than rights more than for no sense they want both of them and we protect both of them. does mr mccraw believe he can have greater success on the european stage with reforms than he's had at home i mean time after time he proclaims the need for new organizations in the but it's a bit like picking random tickets out of a hat isn't it reforms to immigration defense trade the european agency to protect democracy european council for interior security european climate bank and the reaction from the rest of europe was resulting silence to these proposals are. i'm not sure we are talking about the same word about my country or about here rob you're obviously very anti mccrone that's all right that's a surprise because i thought that was fair internal listen but it is not that's your right or right it's my it's my duty to put the other side to you your macro
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support i'm putting the other side to you ask the growing that's the way you see things that are necessarily the way other people eternalism but that's all right i don't deny others the right to learn to 1st answer at less or go to reforms in france yes they are working we are the 2nd most attractive country in the european union for foreign investors we have one of the highest growth rates in the european union we are the number of unemployed which is the the creasing steadily you know 3 terms they're employed in a move germany that's right but we don't have many jobs when we talk about jobs which we talk about jobs will full pay that's a choice and we are still fighting against the point and we are changing the rules for apprentice for instance and it is working and considering the european union you mentioned the climate bank this was something i was complaining for in favor of
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when i was the head of the list of when they thought in the european union election and now this isn't a program of mrs from the lion her new green deal includes a european climate bank includes. 1000000000000 euros in the coming 7 years to finance green proved to act so this is precisely what we have where advocating for and this is precisely what the rope in union is indicating committed to but there was a huge backlash against your time of proposals wasn't there when the yellow vests protested against the new carbon tax which was introduced trying to get the troops to change their behavior people in rural areas it was deeply in the tax had to be abandoned while he handled through all of here or you have. claims for a more brutal and violent meant a more anti global warming policy and at the same time people fear not in my
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backyard not on my are hugely expensive we face it every single developed country to advancing it tax year but we have a burden raising the tax but we're working with the european union with the commission on a back mechanism providing for our protection of european companies compared to 30 kountry companies if they don't respect the same and vironment rules they should pay for the difference there is no reason to impact all companies for a nickel for regulations that we are choosing on a room in europe but you're independent advisory council on climates this report last june strongly suggested your record to date didn't match the promises you. tell me of $11.00 single european country matching the result with the promises every counter is lagging with some difficulty and you say you and there's
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a variety of climate that's a tragedy one on target and that's why i mean this european parliament is a you ropey an answer we couldn't we cannot have one member state taking decisions and. another going and a different path we have to take common objectives and abide by them we have to have objective 420342050 we are in the process of doing it but then rosa if you were serious about the environment you would halt this incredibly wasteful process of convening the european parliament for one week every month in strasbourg and the rest of the time in brussels why not have the parliament in strasbourg all the time i agree i mean you know but at the moment this is hugely damaging for the environment and hugely costly to the european taxpayer but it's france's vanity project it's into treatment. and it's germans vanity projects you have the european central bank in frankfurt and inflection of advantage of projects
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to have premises election with the whole european parliament doesn't get up like a traveling circus and some people have said once every month how do you know the cost of over $100100000000.00 euros a year have you asked the cost of having premises in luxembourg in frankfurt and in many other places in europe that doesn't justify this doesn't my toward a specific interest you must you want your across to stay in brussels bubble. cut from the reality of the ground cut from member states is that what you bought is that what citizens have been voting for for them and they are telling us please go tremendous things please get out of this bobby's merry to live once a month i'm not telling you that. in my country it is only something in you but the cost of between $11000.00 listening to my voters between 11019000
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tons of extra c o 2 emissions every year just to make this stunt possible you know every time you don't know what a program on your smartphone you are participating and carbon emissions and thirdly you are doing it yes we'll have to change our habits but why are you finger pointing the heart of european democracy where we have to account for all of europe where we have the you open court you don't really matter right you don't need to go to strasburg once a month yes we can stay in strasbourg more i agree the european concern has also obvious when this group said it was time for any peace to get their own house in order and the travelling circus no organization can honestly claim to be serious and tackling climate change and still maintain the work of working which is so manifestly destructive to the environment while i hope that you don't rob again our conservative group also notices that poland one of its main supporters is far is
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lagging far behind in terms of a mission and still denying the need for our green new deal let's talk about foreign policy emanuel merkel's phone policy because there's been a strong perception that he favors go it alone diplomacy instead of the multilateral initiatives that you was close to value one of your president's harshest critics here in brussels the green m.e.p. philip lambert's cues to move being drunk on power and said you don't shape europe by bullying europe. europe by building alliances this is what we saw in in previous decades but a very lively you rock well listen to on the your world stage it was so obvious that we were winning and that we were united and efficient come on you all know united on russia policy on russia well since our policy and russia look at the normandy form and summit that we had in paris
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a few weeks ago what did it get you we defended ukraine's rights we favored an exchange of prisoners which had not taken place for months and news and we are fully in line with the your property and position on ukraine crimea i don't buy that and the rest just the council on foreign relations says a lot of people claims sumac and didn't even inform them ahead of time when he sent his foreign and defense ministers to moscow last september seem to be part of an emerging pattern of unilateral actions should you say the same one angle america all goes to moscow to meet with of linear putin no they are playing their role france is an important members that of the european union france has a permanent seat in the security council we have responsibilities with a friend european values we carry you rope in voice and we have to share european positions we are fully in line with as a boy while there is not the year there of
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a slice of paper between what was that borel is and vacating for and what we are pushing for bilaterally it strengthen europe it doesn't weaken it but wonder whether when mr all bar prefers to talk to put you know to talk to adults and says that they are hungary and commissioner is at the service of its arbitron wonder whether he supports european union policy last august mr merkel called for a new architecture in europe based on trust and security because he said the continent would never be stable without easing and clarifying europe's relations with russia. well you didn't spell out was how you base a new relationship with russia on trust and security when there isn't any and you suggested us or we are virtual and my our political party was hacked irish an activist during the presidential campaign when there was a chemical attack involved in the u.k. who was pushing the other europeans for a coordinated onset it was
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a man like him and no one else we are perfectly aware of the threat of. russia nostalgic of the path but then will it change geography what do we prefer to have russia turning definitely to china or to have russia and gate in the dialogue with the european union and major concessions does that involve it doesn't into a country that both those international borders shoots down commercial aircraft or as you say senses assassins to europe to murder people for ethical weapons for instance i would have preferred not to think they're not trying to protect supported so heavily by germany because it deepens or dependent thing on russian gas that's a problem and we have said that and then i'm back with fareed very bluntly it's not
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a question of confessions it's a question of having or avoids horace isn't a consistent voice that if we look at the question of enlargement in the european union for instance in august. cimatron was the leader who told europe to really invest geographically in the west balkans warning that if it didn't fate of that region could be decided by the u.s. russia and turkey and then just 2 months later you affectively blocked or at the very least delayed those countries from joining the e.u. doesn't sit does it contradiction it's not the 1st time that a bloc eyebrow. myself a year before we want our votes you can tell us short acting from from these other countries that are taking an interest in the west balkans and they're not all serious but i am through i assume the ship look at serbia serbia started a succession process that serbia distance itself from russia not a 2nd. do you think the. exception that positions are the magical recipe
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to have counter is to distancing themselves from russia look at hungary it has not worked we have to reassess the whole accession the consideration process it was not working we want to turn a blind eye and just considered that we have a policy when we have only bureaucracy now we have to be serious i'm dead serious about the importance of a european perspective for western balcones and big because i believe in it i don't want to leave it to bureaucrats wants to be deeply involved in what we ask this country's work to what we take them accountable war for the fight against corruption fight against organized crime understand that but the council on foreign relations european council formulation said you french action may have actually weaken the e.u.'s leverage in this region french veto of north macedonia is albania session the garage as a mix
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a complete change the context for resolving bilateral problems in the west balkans once again look at serbia they are in the process they are negotiating they are opening chapters and closing chapters and they are closer than ever to moscow they are with something that is not working some people decide not to see it we decided to name it because we want to reform it if we're serious about enlargement and we are serious it's not just a slogan it's not just to play nice and then go to some countries and try to make business it's about if you have one hand and then straight with the other it's playing into having them ready to enter the european union and not being a failure and not and then geraint the european project to me about the rumblings in the our most party because there's been some signs of serious discontent 2 months ago lemoore deported the delusional. president who they are must group in the chamber written to micro warning about the state of his parliamentary majority
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and pushing him to rebuild trust with rank and file m.p.'s series this year when the presidents and then please don't trust him oh if it were the case our that would be a serious issue and there are are many examples throughout the european union of we could nation with weak political parties absence of majority the very narrow majority you have one and a state in european union which doesn't face this problem and this is front there is a clear big strong majority there is but by the end of november 11 employees in the national assembly had quit or been pushed out of the parliament. and then she group in the summer 60 on march 1st are because they were out of the principles and values of the other parties and this is healthy so party discipline is breaking down in the summer 60 our march m.p.'s abstain though voted against the government over the free trade agreement with kamber that could mean one single draft bill
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which was not voted by the majority of 2017 put just one there is now you've got an official party candidate in the race for mayor of paris in march benjamin greville another piece of the big deal and he has decided he's going to run anyway despite failing to get official backing it's a mess isn't it only of non-accredited omar's not north korea agree we are not russia or agree we are out of recount tree with reed i mean political party whether you agree with or think feel the need for running where there is there's america with the answer is no but he's free and then forgot we are in a free country and losing the youth vote as the elections. for the european parliament no it didn't there had never been as many young people voting and a number of them voted for omar well compared to 2017 you lost 6 percent among 18 to 24 year. rhodes and 11 points among voters aged 25 to 34 problem is that you
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should compare what is comparable compare it with previous european elections and you will see that the turnout was much bigger and young people went to the polls where they were not voting for previous european elections the highest score in the europe in the elections in the categories was in the category of people over 70 years old now but no party can be complacent about that we are a party which was created out of trap scratch in 2016 and we are a party which when the presidential election the national election and we fear the world in the european election we are going to have 23 and a piece in this parliament exactly the same number as the far right i would have preferred to have had more than that but compared to my predecessors i'm quite proud of the result but the party that came to power representing above all the younger poorer more metropolitan sectors of society decent caring about climate no wasn't that was not the it's
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a party that denies the traditional left right divide and rightly so look at where traditional right and traditional left argentina in france and it's true throughout europe you're about to take a position in the. steering rack sit still in group while if one of their leaders breaks at illinois to be is going to be you kick or initial route he has and you have a deal 11 months while are not on everything on have a bare bones deal probably yes. i could have done a deal with the reason my why didn't the do that you would have suffered sit in the remember gross future insisted only our irish backstop but because it's clear that finished her off didn't it while she had no majority in her parliament and she could have got an agreement through if you'd let her on the backstop legions of them really think that protecting the rights of our companies offer citizens are protecting placing island was not
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a key priority i don't agree with you. government so that was a key priority but the backstop wasn't necessary but you're going to end up know with a with an outcome if britain leaves without a deal that's an outcome that nobody wants especially the brains yeah but you didn't want to dive though but it's going to cause massive disruption for you too my point is you plowboy it's a choice for the press if they want to destroy their country i don't think this is what they want they have to be responsible leaders it's time for responsible europe's going to suffer too that's for sure i mean there is no good brighter red is bad whatever form it has but protecting the rights of a company's protecting or priority is protecting the european project risky they have chosen in britain to get out of the year european union fair enough. we have just to destroy the european union all right and we'll not that's
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a new thank you very much you're welcome to.
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